June 11th


Play opens up a whole world of possibilities. That’s why we got together and successfully called on the United Nations General Assembly to adopt an annual International Day of Play, on the 11th of June. We did this because we believe every child can reach their full potential, with the time, space and access to play.

It’s time to put play back on the agenda. On this day, and every day.


Play is a fundamental right; it builds resilience, instils confidence and helps children develop.

But children need time to play. That’s where we need policies, training and funding to get play integrated into education and community settings.

Play heals through learning, life skills and psychosocial well-being. That’s why there must be investment into diverse, inclusive and safe play spaces, extending access to all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised children.

There are so many reasons we should all be celebrating the power of play.

Two hand-drawn figures playing

We want a world where every child’s right to play is respected, protected and fulfilled.

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International awareness days can create systemic change, to enable all children access to the time, space and support they need to play.

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Children and young people helped build the International Day of Play network. There’s nothing about them, without them.

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This is a message from the children and young people of the International Day of Play Network:

97% of us believe play is important yet one in three of us do not have the time to play.

To change this, we ask adults and decision-makers to:

A group of kids playing tug of warA little girl mimicking binoculars with her hands on her eyes
Smiling teenager sitting on the floor with a skateboardA group of kids smiling outdoorsA smiling kid jumping in the air


Now you know about all the befits of play, it’s time to make it happen.

Taking part can be as simple as making extra time to play on the 11th of June. You can take part in person, online and add your voice to the play movement.

Together we can make play a priority every day.


Let your family, friends and network know about the power of play through social media, using the hashtag #InternationalDayofPlay


Social media templates

Add your voice to the play movement by sharing our content with your network.

Youth Call to Action

Read why children and young people want an International Day of Play. You can read the full report here.


Why wait for International Day of Play? Add play to your everyday!

Education Toolkit

If you’re looking for a creative activity to try, we’ve designed one that asks children to think of ways to help more children around the world engage in play.

Designed for informal educational settings, or schools, it takes 45-60 minutes and is for children 7 years and above.


The International Day of Play campaign is coordinated by a network of organisations, initiated by the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation. We are driving a global play movement for children everywhere, for generations to come.

Find out how our partners will be playing on June 11th and how you can get involved.

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